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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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than 100,000 women in my home state. they literally set aside funding for preventative health care because we refuse to subsidize abortion. but why are we even subject to this decision to begin with? nowhere in the constitution does it say health care should be run by the federal government. [ applause ] washington has no right to dictate how and from whom you receive health care, what your children learn in school or how you clean your air or protect your environment. that's not their role. and if we elect leaders from the republican party who preserve the current state of the bureaucracy that command and control policy from washington, d.c., we get the government we deserve. we ought to be true tenth
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amendment patriots or strip it out of the constitution. one of the two. the separations of power is not merely about checks and balances between congress, executive branch and the federal judiciary. it's also about divide sovereignty between federal government and the states. our founding fathers from madison to washington knew that if we centralize power in an all encompassing federal bureaucracy that one day the central government should become as intrusive and as powerful as that distant crown from which they fought for liberty. our founders -- our founders also protected and defended religious freedoms in our
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constitution and our young nation. today, even our religious freedoms are under attack from the obama administration in washington. this justice department tried to insert themselves in the hiring decisions of religious organizations by challenging the minute steeral exception. they failed. on a 9-0 vote i might add. even though it's left wing justices of the supreme court thought that was too far a step. now, though, this administration is assaulting the catholic church and people of faith across our nation by forcing their pro abortion agenda on religious hospitals, on charities, and on employees. the obama administration's war on faith must be defeated. we must win this war.
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we must protect the basic tenants of american freedom. protect catholic hospitals and people of faith regardless of their denomination to stop president obama's liberal policies dead in its tracks. as conservatives, we know that freedom doesn't come from government. it's not even granted by the constitution. it's the gift of a loving god. and it is the government role to protect it. the federal role is safeguarding freedom is about defending our nation from foreign powers, by securing the border and building a strong military. if washington would simply provide for the common defense, secure our borders and deliver our mail on time, preferably on saturday, i'd be happy.
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but i guess, you know, one out of three is not too bad. but they're too busy regulating. they're too busy regulating our freedoms. and to fulfill their basic responsibilities and obligations. they're spending our country into a sea of debt so that our children may never be able to come up for air. let me say something else about that. if it's that time in america, i'm fearful of what the final score is going to be if we let this president start the second half as a quarterback. [ applause ] you know, much has been said
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lately about who really supports free enterprise and who doesn't. let me make something abundantly clear. we have the greatest capitalist system in the world. but it will not continue to be if we use government to remove risk from the system. success on wall street shouldn't come at the expense of main street. wall street and washington must be broken up. you take the housing crisis. it's a great example. the washington politicians pressure fannie, freddie and the banks to provide this easy lending to put more americans in homes, that they couldn't afford. the federal reserve pushed interest rates artificially low. the subprime market exploded with the risky loans. some americans thought if you could get the house for zero down and they can figure out how
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to pay the balloon later. no one was watching the rating companies, the agencies that were giving the aaa ratings to complex securities that were filled with high risk loans. when the market crashed, those on wall street who saw it coming, they made millions. and those who didn't see it coming, they got bailed out. now we learn that $700 billion t.a.r.p. payment, that was small compared to the secret loan guarantee of $7.7 trillion. you ought to be outraged. youug incensed. those paying the price are not the large banks who are overleveraged sh not the insurance companies that took on too much risk, not even the executives who continue to
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repeat t reap the large bonuses. no, it's people like you and me. it was those of you in this audience and all across this country that are paying the price, average americans, main street businesses, our children who stand to inherit the worst financial mess that this country has ever seen. and it's wrong. it's unfair. it's weakening america. we need to clean up the corruption from k street to wall street so they can't gamble with our children's future ever again. [ applause ] you know, america remains the most noble experiment in governing ever offered in the history of man kind. for the first time ever, the founders of a nation recognized
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our rights are endo youed by our creator. and after winning our freedom, they didn't centralize power amongst themselves, they gave it back to the people. this election is about a smaller, humbler federal government. it's about restoring power to the american people f we're going to have a nation that lives up to constitutional ideals, then it's not merely about spending less on washington programs but about returning that power to the people and the states. you don't have to settle. you don't have to settle this election. you don't have to resign yourself to the faith that this country is going to be less than the future it was in the past.
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you have an opportunity. oh, i say you have an obligation. you have the power and more importantly, you have the constitution on your side to make conservative change. go forth. build a better nation based on those founding principles. take this country back and let the grandest experiment the world has ever seen go forward. go forward powerfully and through your hands god will bless you and you in turn will continue -- he in turn will continue to bless this great country of america. god bless you and thank you. ♪
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we'll break with a reminder that we have more coming up from the 39th annual cpac conference later today. we'll continue our coverage at 3:45 p.m. eastern with a discussion on the 2012 elections. at 4:25, former republican presidential conditioned date herman cain. after that, rand paul. our live coverage on c-span beginning at 3:45. and there is more tomorrow starting at 10:10 a.m. eastern with republican presidential kanld dates rick santorum, mitt romney and newt gingrich. our live coverage tomorrow on c-span again starting at 10:10 eastern. and a programming update for you. we're going to take you live in just a bit to a pentagon news briefing. the pentagon today reportedly recommending to congress that women ab lobe allowed to serve more jobs closer to the front line. they say the change would open up 14,000 additional jobs to women. we'll have that news conference live for you at 3:30 eastern here on c-span3.
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>> when i first started the book, i also thought this must be an american story. this is about a country that wore ships the religion of self reliance and individualism. this is the legacy of roe and emerson. but it comes out that we're laggereds. it's even more common in japan. >> on "afterwards" in, "going solo," they look at the growing trend of american adults choosing to live alone and what that means for the country saturday night at 10:00 eastern. also this weekend on book tv, sunday at 3:00, the second cousin of former secretary of state couldnndoleeza rice and starting a dialogue between gang leaders and police. georgetown university's bonnie morris on her one-woman play and book of the same name, "revenge of the women's studies
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professor." book tv every weekend on c-span2. students from catholic universities held a press conference today to discuss their support for the recently proposed mandate by the department of health and human services for employers including religious institutions to offer contraception services. the u.s. conference of catholic bishops publicly denounced the mandate as a violation of religious liberty. wale hear remarks from former maryland governor kathleen townsend. it is hosted by the catholic students for women's health and just under 50 minutes. good morning, everyone. thank you for coming to catholic students for women's health. i'm megan smith. i'm here representing catholics for choice. so we're going to have a great list of speaks for you from local catholic universities as
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well as other local noncatholic universities. we were delighted in august of 2011 when the institute of medicine recommends a full package of women's health care services to be covered without co-pays under the affordable care act. this represented a step forward for millions of women and their families, both catholics and noncatholics. similarly, we were very excited when the department of health and human services [ no audio ] backlash and opposition, conservative catholics and conservative politicians the usual suspects who oppose any ruling that included contraception. we did not expect, however, the backlash from so-called liberal pundits to do the same. all of this is especially concerning to us. however, in light of the fact that the regulations on birth control coverage already
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excludes church employees, janitors, house keepers, cooks, men and some school teachers from this important coverage. it's also especially concerning us to, however, because the voices of those who will benefit such as those standing behind me today and who do support no cost birth control coverage have also been drowned out. we know from old and from social science studies that 98% of catholic women who are sexually active have used some form of birth control that is banned by the vatican. we also know that 65% of catholics have indicated that they support birth control coverage under government-run or private health plans. the bishops in their opposition to this coverage, are rejecting the sentsers of our catholic faiths by ignoring the considerationness by those who decide that birth control is best for them, rejecting our catholic commitment to social justice, and to the poor folks who will benefit from this
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coverage and by rejecting our catholic dmitment tcommitment ts freedom and by ignoring our commitment to the idea that religious freedom has two sides, both freedom from religion and freedom of religion. we know, though, that the 98% of the catholic women who have used birth control do support this coverage and we know that millions of americans stand to benefit including nat only the 700,000 employees of catholic health care institutions, but many students at catholic universities both catholics themselves and noncatholics. i'm going to now read you to the list of speakers as they will appear in order. they will then sit down and we'll have them come up and present to you. cally otto from catholic university will present first. she is president of students for choice. she'll be followed by kathleen
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kennedy townsend, former lieutenant governor of maryland. eric aranja, catholic university undergraduate. keely monroe, fordham university alumnus. tunisia humphries. sandra fluke of georgetown university law center, law students for reproductive justice. sam suffer of american university students for choice. thank you. >> good morning. my name is cally otto, i'm a teener at the catholic university of america as well as president of the catholic university students for choice. a group unrecognized by my
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university. we are here today speaking out for the millions of students across the country who applaud the obama administration's regulations and demand our right to exercise our individual religious freedoms by using personal -- by making personal medical decisions without interference from religious authorities. we will not back down because we believe that the religious freedom of individual catholics, students, no matter what their faith, and the need for kpre comprehensive women's health care must take priority to this catholic bishops. as a student who does not practice the laws with them, i close to enroll at catholic university because it provides a world class education, a topnotch faculty and city full of opportunities. catholic university prides itself on welcoming students of all faiths and all we're asking
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for is for this value to be upheld in the health care the university provides for its students and staff. we are not here to ask the catholic bishop to support a woman's decision to use contraception. we are only asking the catholic bishops to let women exercise their individual religious freedoms and make their own decisions in regards to their reproductive health. during a visit to my university's health center, i informed the doctor of my decision not to remain abstinent. i was told i need to start taking care of my body and protecting myself. so i asked, how am i supposed to protect myself when my university doesn't allow condoms or other contraseptives and what catholic bishop do you propose those students who have severe medical conditions which can be helped through the use of oral
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contraceptions should do? have you ever felt the pain of ovarian sifts? or cramps so painful you need prescription painkillers to get through the day? no, bishop, you have not felt this pain. yet, you make decisions for millions of women with such conditions. the university certainly expects all students to lead virtuous lives, however, we all know that abstinence proves unrealistic for many college students. the university has acknowledged the sexual activity on our campus, however, its attempts to confront the uncomfortable acts of sex has been less than 100% infective and it is time for the catholic bishops to consider the health and safety of university communities and provide the same access to contraception as without co-pay that has been
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deemed necessary for all women by the institute of medicine. catholic bishop, i suggest you think about what it would be like to spend a day in the shoes of a 20-year-old woman before abusing your authority by demanding they comply with your values. i, as well as thousands of students at catholic universities across the country support the obama administration's regulations regarding birth control coverage. as well as the entire package of women's preventative care coverage. we will not compromise. we will not back down. religiously affiliated organizations have the obligation to do what is right by providing women with unfeddered access to health care and we refuse to remain unheard. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> well said. this is really the student's day. i'm kathleen kennedy counselsend. i'm the oldest of 11 children. clearly, i know of coming from a time when contraception was not easily available. i have four daughters, two of whom attended catholic universities. and i want to say clearly that catholic women of this generation know that they need contraceptive coverage. they need it because they're women of conscience. they make decisions wisely. and they can make decisions about what is in the best interest of themselves, their families, and their health. the bishops don't seem to realize that 98% of catholic women use contraception. 98%. that means that the bishops have not been able to convince the women they are right. the bishops, therefore, should not use the power of the government to do what they can't
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do themselves. the fact is that this is a moral question and a question that women can have the opportunity and the right to decide for themselves. this is what this whole argument is about. it is also about politics. 28 states already require that large institutions, catholic institutions cover contraception, 28 states. so why is it at this time, at this moment, in this political season that we heard this problem? i think it is incumbent on politicians to support the obama administration who are out there supporting women who say that women are people of conscience as you'll hear men can be people of conscience, too, if they are willing to listen to the needs of women. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> my name is eric longdone.
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i'm a senior at catholic university of america. i was born into a catholic family. i was baptized catholic and all of my life i attended catholic schools. but as much as catholicism has been an influential entity in my life, i must say women have also been an ib flnfluential entity well. not only my mother that taught me the characteristics i have, but my very first foothold and stepping stones were from women of my city, of my state, and of my country. my first internship in san francisco city hall, up to congress with madam nancy pelosi. i interned for them all. they're forever grateful and i'm forever grateful that i stand here today defending women's health programs on campuses and all over the united states. let us explore how contraception
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is perceived among catholics. we came up with the numbers. 98% of catholic women who are sexually active use contraceptions. this is an overwhelming majority that the catholic church chooses to ignore and this large block of believers must, cannot be silent anymore. religious leaders are stipulating tie rannical measures upon a minority that heavily relies on these medications. their statements and decisions not to support women's health programs directly affect my colleagues and my friends that have to travel at great lengths to receive the health care they desire. secondly, we must take on this religious liberty complex that devout leaders rally behind, to push an oppressive notion on a minority. and these groups of men decide
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how to manage women on our campuses, they quote themselves behind the first amendment. they speak of persecution of their religious freedom while trampling on the liberty of women. as a male student, i am appalled at such hypocrisy. all men of virtue should stand up for ee quality, especially whether it comes to the independent decision making of an individual, male or female. men should rise with women and fight against injustices that shackle the progress of society. equal access to health care for women is not a religious issue. birth control does far more than what the catholic church perceives and aid women around the world every day. religious power houses are hijacking our first amendment and manipulate the american
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population to perpetuate the facade that the church is a victim to progress. the real victims are the 98% of catholics who have to hide the contraception use and be shunned from an important entity in their lives that should be more accepting than just mental. this is not a war on religion. yet, the church has repeatedly denounced the progress of women. the 98% of catholics along with all other contraceptive users and defenders of equality must stand up against a rationality that is becoming the status quo. president obama has done a great deal to protect women's health programs and we're forever grateful for what he and women everywhere where are doing to ke health care. we'll continue to keep health care for women on campuses
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everywhere. thank you. [ applause ] >> good morning. my name is keily monroe. i'm speaking as a fordhama lum ni and a reproductive junky advocate. and i'm here as are my fellow speakers to say where a woman goes to school or where she works should not determine her access to contraception. we are perfectly capable of making that decision ourselves. and the law should support us in that. i'm an member of an eager 18-year-old ready to forge out into the adult world on my own thinking there was no bigger decision than deciding where i would go to college because it would help shape who i would become. i chose fordham university in part because of the catholic teachings and traditions that i
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learned as a child and because i connected to jesuit traditions of quality education and public service. fordham promised to nurture my individuality and promised to challenge me to recognize and confront injustice. i am dedicated to justice and i feel deeply respect the jesuit education that i received and the lasting values they instilled in me. but fordham also let me down. not to sound like a cheesy personal wanted but i was a single 18-year-old female, likes control over my own body looking for affordable contraception and finding contraception at fordham was about as easy as finding a good man through a want ad.
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and, you know, my girlfriends and i, we figured out how to protect ourselves and how to stay healthy. but it wasn't on fordham's account. by denying us access to contraception, fordham didn't support us as they had promised to do. they put obstacles in the way of us reaching our potential into fulfilling our promise to them, challenging social injustice. this idea of social justice that fits so presently for me and many catholics seems to be lost in the current battle over contraceptive access. social justice is a value that requires us to recognize the needs of others and help them to fulfill those needs so they can lead healthy and productive lives. the u.s. catholic bishops claims he's seen values whether they say the hhs decision violates the catholic religious beliefs. but their vision of those values doesn't include women. they say it violates their


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